Our highly educated and experienced dog trainers use only humane, reward–based training methods providing the highest level of professional dog training in the Upstate.

Private Training

Personalized private lessons, day school, and instruction from humane trainers.

Private Training

Puppy Training

Potty accidents? Chews on everything? Jumps up on you? We offer a full range of puppy services.

Puppy Training

Group Classes

Small, intimate groups for personal attention in a fun, supportive learning environment.

Group Classes
Georgia always comes home happy and in good health. I truly appreciate the good care and love she receives while she is with you.
— Mary Higgins

Private Training

Does your dog pull on his leash? Jump on guests? Bark at other people or dogs? Chew everything in sight? We can help!

Day School

Your dog receives a structured training session with one of our trainers during their daycare day with us.

What are the benefits?
Your dog gets a head start on learning new behaviors with a professional trainer.

Who's it for?
Busy families. Anyone who lacks the time or desire to train and wants to maintain their dog's good behavior and social skills.

What type of dog benefits from Day School?
All dogs benefit from continuing education. For dogs who have completed group class, Tail Lights Dogs Day School is a great way to advance or maintain their skills.

What is included?
Our Day School program starts with a 45 minute consultation to set training goals and go over what you should do at home to support your pup's training. Then, over the next 4 weeks, you bring your pup to us twice a week in the morning between 7:30am - 9am and pick up in the evening between 4:30pm - 6:15pm for a total of 8 days of training. Our professional trainers work with your dog during the day and meet with your family for two private lessons (the first 45 minutes and the second 1 hour) over the four weeks to allow your family time to practice your pup's new foundation of skills under the trainer's supervision. A follow up 45-minute lesson 1-2 weeks after completion of day school to troubleshoot any issues is also included.

What is the cost?
$1200.00. Boarding stays can be combined at a discounted rate.

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Puppy Training

Potty accidents? Chews on everything, including your sleeves? Jumps up on you? We offer a full range of puppy services. Don’t see your puppy's problem here? Whatever it is, we can help.

The Right Start Puppy Program

This is our comprehensive training program designed for puppies in their critical socialization period of 8-14 weeks of age. This program is designed to help your puppy socialize and habituate safely to many different people, places, novel objects, sights, smells, and sounds. A well-socialized puppy has a great chance to grow into a behaviorally sound adult dog who is eager to explore and learn new things.

What does my puppy learn?
Our trainers begin building a foundation of the basic cues: sit, down, come, stay. We facilitate socialization with other dogs, house training, and greeting people appropriately. Your puppy receives 3 bathing experiences to help them become accustomed to being handled for veterinary and grooming care. Two overnight stays are also included so that your pup has a positive experience in a familiar place for their first time away from home.

Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants to maximize their puppy's learning during their impressionable first months of life.

What is included?
15 Day School Days, 3 bathing experiences, 3 private lessons, 2 overnight stays, up to 12 group classes, a relaxation mat, and a properly fitted harness.

How are puppies without full vaccination series kept safe?
While there is always a risk of puppies contracting communicable illnesses as they explore the world, we have a variety of measures in place to help mitigate the risk of this at our facility. Our facility's doors are locked during the day to maintain the health and safety of the dogs in our care. Dogs are not able to enter the facility until we have received vaccination records from their veterinarian. No drop-in tours are allowed. We sanitize our toys daily and our facility and potty yard nightly. We have an advanced ventilation system with an excellent air exchange rate. We immediately clean up waste. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior encourages pet parents to safely and smartly socialize their puppies prior to completion of their initial vaccination series.

What is the cost?
$1710.00. Additional boarding nights can be added at a discounted rate.

The Right Track Puppy Program

This training program is for canine tweens between 16 weeks old to 6 months old. It is designed to continue habituation and acclimation to new people, sights, sounds, places, novel objects, and places. Adolescence is typically the most difficult phase of life for you and your pup as they test out new behaviors and become more distracted by the world around them. Training throughout this stage will help you and your pup stay on track and come out as a team on the other side.

What does my puppy learn?
During Day School our trainers will build on a foundation of the basic cues: sit, down, come, stay. We also facilitate socialization with other dogs, house training, leash walking, and greeting people appropriately. Two field trips off-site with the trainer let your pup practice their skills in public.

Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants a professional to guide their dog through their early adolescence. You save time and effort when your dog is trained by a professional.

What is included?
12 Day School Days, 2 off-site field trips, 3 private lessons, a relaxation mat, and a properly fitted harness.

What is the cost?
$1310.00. Additional boarding nights can be added at a discounted rate.

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Group Training

Why take a class at Tail Lights?

Obedience Group Classes

Raising Rover

Start anytime!
For: Puppies 8 weeks - 16 weeks
Prerequisites: Two sets of vaccinations, or veterinarian's approval
When: Tuesdays, 6:30pm
Saturdays, 11:00am

Cost: $140 - 6 visits, must complete by 16 weeks of age

We Cover:

Puppy Essentials

House-training. Crate and alone training. Bite inhibition and handling. Chew training. Puppy push-ups. Voluntary Check-ins. Much, much more!

Good Manners

Recall foundation, relaxation, name recognition, handling and preparation for vet and grooming visits. Conditioning your puppy to accept and follow cues, foundation positions.


Early, positive introductions to new people, other puppies, noises, scents, and surfaces so your puppy grows up with confidence!

Being a Super Puppy Parent

Puppy-proof your home. What to expect during your puppy’s developmental stages.

Manners for Max

For: Dogs 4 months and older who have completed Raising Rover OR with instructor approval.
Prerequisites: Current Vaccinations
When: Wednesday Evenings: Email for our next available start date!
Cost: $120.00 (No Make Up Classes Offered)

We Cover:

The Basics

Attention, sit, down, hand targeting, recall, go to and relaxation on mat, foundations for polite walking, handler movement and body language, and more.

Learning = Fun

We use controlled set ups based on real life scenarios to help your pup begin to easily generalize the basics of ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘stay’ to different places, around different activities, and while different things are going on around them. Class will simulate common situations such as a trip to the park, dining at an outdoor cafe, or having a friend over to visit.

Come and Go

For: Open to any dog who has completed a class with us, or with instructor permission.
Prerequisites: Current Vaccination Certificate
When: Wednesday Evenings: Email for our next available start date!
Cost: $120.00; 4 week series

We Cover:

Does your dog think “come” means run away? Do walks feel more like an audition for a sled dog team or a battle of wills when your dog stops in the middle of the road? Learn how to get your dog coming to you and going with you in this 4 week class that uses games to make training fun.

Game Night

For: Dogs and humans who like having fun while they practice skills.
Prerequisites: Current Vaccinations
When: Select Wednesdays throughout the year: Email us for the next game night with openings.
Cost: $15.00

We Cover:

Do you love competition? Do you like games? Do you and your dog have what it takes to take home a prize? Join us for an evening of fun games with your dog like musical chairs, tic-tac-toe, jenga, and jeopardy! And yes, there will be prizes!

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Nose Work Classes

Scent Games

For: Any dog with a nose!
Prerequisites: Current vaccinations
Duration: 4 weeks
Start Dates: Wednesday Evenings: Email for our next available start date!
Cost: $120, 4 weeks

We Cover:

Dogs investigate the world through their nose. Giving them chances to use their most powerful scent tires them out, fulfills their needs, and builds a stronger bond with you.

You’ll love watching them in this fun class that teaches scent games and introduces other fun ways to enrich your dog’s life.

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